Videos of John Holt

John Holt on how schools could be improved. This is excerpted from the interview in Pullman, WA below to save you loading it just for this section.

John Holt interviewed in Pullman, WA, 1984. An unidentified interviewer, perhaps a student, asks John about his background, society, schools, and learning and John provides some expansive answers.

John Holt on New England Today. John is joined by Harvard undergraduate and homeschooler Joel Fields. Joel attended Harvard at the same time Grant Colfax did, but he didn't get as much press. This was filmed on May 2, 1985, just four months before John died from cancer, so this may be among the last interviews he did.

John Holt addressing a group of homeschoolers in Spokane, WA 1983. He talks about how little children learn about pronouns and figure things out for themselves.

Same speech as above but now Holt is describing the difference between a question and a quiz.

Same speech as above. Holt picks up where he left off with the pronoun thoughts and explains why children are exactly like research scientists in how they learn and gain understanding about the world.













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