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An Unschooling Seminar


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For Beginners and Elementary School-age Homeschoolers (3 hours long).


Explore John Holt’s ideas about unschooling and how they are used everyday by families. Using your questions and feedback, each seminar is uniquely tailored to the needs of the audience. Among the topics covered:


• Learning all the time.


• Living with your children during school hours.


• Making time for your life and issues.


• Working with, not on, your children.


• Working with different learning styles and multiple intelligences.


• How to develop and write an individualized curriculum.


• How to locate learning resources in your community.


• How to describe unschooling to school officials and relatives.


• Ideas for using private schools, correspondence schools, public and private businesses, and Internet support for unschooling.


• Answers to your questions about learning materials, programs, opportunities, and other ideas for making homeschooling more than doing school at home!



Teach Your Own Unschooling Seminars can be part of a larger event, or you can help organize a seminar. Call or write for a seminar brochure.


For Advanced or Older Homeschoolers (3 hours long):


Learn how you, and other adults, can mentor your child towards college or adult work without passage through conventional high school. Topics covered include:


• Living and learning with teenage homeschoolers.


• Carnegie units, high school courses, and diplomas.


• Gaining college admissions.


• Finding work worth doing – with or without a college degree.


• Documenting your work and creating a valid transcript.


• Distance learning, correspondence, and Internet programs for high school.


• Grown without schooling: portraits and research about adults who were homeschooled.


Seminar Ticket Prices and Registration Information:


$60 per person per seminar.


Special Offers:


10% discount if paid in advance and postmarked by dates printed on flyers. Click here to view early-bird discount dates.


Groups of 5 or more: save 25%! Pay $45 per person. Sign up 5 people at the same time and send a check for $225 (include each person’s name and address) to take advantage of this rate.


Family discount: $60 for the first adult family member, $30 any family member over 13.


All day rate per person: $90 for both seminars.


NOTE: Family Resource Center (FRC) members get an additional 10% off all discounted prices above.


Download registration flyers by following this link. Click here.


If you can't download or view the file, please mail your name and address, the seminar date and location you want to attend, and your check with the appropriate fee to:


Patrick Farenga

c/o Holt Associates Inc.

PO Box 89

Wakefield, MA 01880-5501

Interested in hosting a seminar by Pat Farenga?


If you or your organization wish to host one or both of my unschooling seminars (described above), please contact me to investigate possibilities. In general I need:


1) A facility capable of accommodating between 50 - 100 people. Facility must be available for use between 8:00 AM and 5:00PM local time.


2) A minimum of twenty (20) pre-paid registrations.