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When John wrote and edited Growing Without Schooling (GWS) magazine he published many gems of writing by homeschooling's early practitioners. In GWS 32, which I reproduce in its entirety here, you can read firsthand accounts of families facing court battles, coping with school committee and legal proceedings, and learning how to learn with their children without anywhere near the level of support we currently enjoy as homeschoolers. I hope you'll browse through the pages of GWS 32 and enjoy reading the many insights real homeschooling families have provided into learning at home and in one's community.


Of course, the calendar of events, phone numbers, addresses, and subscription information are all out of date, and advertising is not reproduced for the web pages. Volunteers typed the exact text of each issue into computer files. If you are interested in purchasing a back issue of GWS, a few remain at

I chose GWS 32 because it is a wonderful example of the wide range of John's thoughts about education, political skills, observational prowess, social awareness, and the excitement of being part of a growing movement that filled our office in those days.

—Patrick Farenga


Selections from GWS 32 by John Holt:


1) Phi Delta Kappan article selection: "Schools and Homeschoolers: A Fruitful Partnership."


2) "What's Wrong With Teachers?"


3) Selections from the new edition of HOW CHILDREN LEARN.


4) How Many Are We? John Holt and Dr. Raymond Moore exchange letters about their different estimates for the numbers of homeschoolers in 1983.


5) Our Legal Situation.


6) Losing State Aid Money


7) Holt on the Suzuki Music Method


8) Book reviews by John Holt


PF: Here are some favorite selections of mine from GWS 32 by readers:


1) Untaught Reading


2) Music in the Family


3) Teens at home


4) Reading Together