Grown Homeschoolers and Unschoolers talk about their lives

From the 1997 GWS 20th Anniversary conference

From Pat Farenga's 2005 Learning In Our Own Way Conference

Grown Homeschoolers panel from the 1997 GWS 20th Anniversary Conference

Grown Homeschooler's Panel Part One

Susannah Sheffer, editor of Growing Without Schooling magazine, moderates a panel of three grown homeschoolers (Tad Heuer, Amanda Bergson-Shilcock, and Mae Shell) at the 20th Anniversary conference for GWS in 1997 (in six parts). These young adults respond to questions from Susannah about what it was like to be a homeschooler growing up, how they were socialized and interacted with their peers, how they decided to attend college or not, how they gained admission to college or found work, what they are doing now as adults, and they bring up even more interesting topics during their answers.

One of the most moving, spontaneous moments of our 20th anniversary conference occured at the very end of this panel, and, unfortunately, the video camera was off. What happened was all the panelists' parents were asked to stand, causing the panelists and audience to applaud; it was quite a moving finale.

Grown Homeschooler's Panel Part Two

Grown Homeschooler's Panel Part Three

Grown Homeschooler's Panel Part Four

Grown Homeschooler's Panel Part Five

Grown Homeschooler's Panel Part Six

More Grown Homeschoolers Speak About Their Lives

Grown Homeschoolers panel from Pat Farenga's Learning In Our Own Way Conference, 2005. Moderated by Sara-Beth Matilsky (25), a grown homeschooler who did not go to college and "did other things that homeschooling made possible."

Panelists include Aidin Carey (20), a junior at Harvard University; Eli Gerzon, a homeschooler who traveled and volunteered around the world in lieu of going to college and now runs his own business; Kate Hamilton (20), a senior at the University of New Hampshire who spent her junior abroad in Africa; Stephanie D'Arcangelo Dalmer (28) has some college, is a certified yoga instructor, and has two children; Jenine Turner (25) earned a BA and spent her junior year abroad and is a graduate student at Brown University studying computer science.