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Wakefield MA 01880-5011
E-mail: consult@HoltGWS.com


Patrick Farenga and Susannah Sheffer are offer private consultations for individual homeschoolers and homeschooling families, mostly by telephone but occasionally in person when possible. The fee is $95 for a 45-minute telephone consultation.


Contact Pat Farenga directly for business consultations about the homeschooling market.


As always, Susannah and Pat can speak from the John Holt/Growing Without Schooling perspective and address most if not all of your homeschooling questions, whether you are in the early stages of considering whether to homeschool or have been homeschooling for years. In addition, it may help you to know that our particular areas of interest and experience are as follows:



Getting started with homeschooling.

How to develop and report individualized curricula for each child

Teaching and learning in ways that don't or can't happen in school

College admissions for homeschoolers and alternatives to college attendance



Helping older children and teenagers make the transition from school to homeschooling

Handling conflicts, tensions, and misunderstandings between parents and children (about homeschooling and related issues)

What kind of help is helpful - the role of the adult in an unschooling household

Helping kids feel like writers



Susannah also offers workshops and consultations for parents and teachers who are interested in being more helpful to young writers (including kids who say they hate writing).


PLEASE NOTE: Pat and Susannah do NOT give legal advice, evaluate children for a school system, administer tests, or act in the capacity of a child, family, or marriage counselor.

How to Set-Up a Consultation

1) Fill out the Pre-Consultation Questionnaire below. Your answers will help us learn about your particular situation and what resources you are already familiar with. This preliminary work will allow us to use the consultation time productively. (This questionnaire remains confidential.)


Download Personal Consultation Form


2) Fill out the top of the questionnaire with preferred times for the consultation. It may be scheduled for days or evenings.


3) Send us the Consultation Questionnaire, the Payment Form and your payment. Payment must be in the form of a check made out to Susannah Sheffer or Patrick Farenga. Mail to PO Box 89, Wakefield, MA 01880-5011.


4) Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, we will call you or email to set up an agreeable time for the consultation, typically 2 to 5 days later.


Print and mail or email to the Holt Associates office. (PO Box 89, Wakefield, MA 01880-5011; email consult@holtgws.com)

I would like to engage the services of (choose one) Patrick Farenga/Susannah Sheffer for a Consultation appointment on homeschooling matters. I have checked off the appropriate type of my appointment below. My payment is enclosed.

Name ____________________________________

Address __________________________________


Phone (_________)________-_____________

Payment Information
__ Check or Money order enclosed, made out to Patrick Farenga or Susannah Sheffer.


Office Use
Date received____________
Check # __________

Date of appt. __________________

PLEASE NOTE: Pat and Susannah do NOT give legal advice, evaluate children for a school system, administer tests, or act in the capacity of a child, family, or marriage counselor.

Pre-Consultation Questionnaire

Name: ____________________________ Best Times: M T W R F

Address: ____________________________ am pm

____________________________ Consultant: PF SS

Phone # : (________)_______-__________

Children's names and ages: _______________________________________

Who will the consultation be with? __mother __father __child/teen
__ more than one at the same time

Which of the following have you already done, especially in regard to the issue
now concerning you?
___ read issues of Growing Without Schooling magazine
___ read other homeschooling magazine(s)
___ read books about homeschooling________________________________________
___ heard a talk or workshop, attended a conference
___ talked to: ___family member __friend __support group member __other

Which describes your situation:
___ We are thinking about whether to homeschool
___ We have just begun to homeschool, or are about to begin
___ We have been using a curriculum, and want to be more freeform
___ We have been homeschooling for ____ years

Were the children in school before you began homeschooling? __________ # of years______

Please give a brief description of your approach to homeschooling or the things that
most influence you as you (decide to) homeschool.


What is the nature of the problem, question, or issue that you would like to discuss
during your consultation (you can attach more pages if necessary)?


What would you most like to get out of the consultation?