Holt Associates Publications

As interest in homeschooling grew, so did our publication list. By the late nineties we were publishing books and selling them to homeschoolers, libraries, national bookstores, and book distributors. All the publications we produced are listed in the catalog or book review sections of GWS; here are some of our more popular publications.


Alternatives in Education, by Mark and Helen Hegener, 1997.

And the Skylark Sings With Me, by David Albert (joint publication with New Society Press), 1999.

And What About College? How Homeschooling Leads to Admissions to the Best Colleges and Universities, by Cafi Cohen, 1997; 2000.

The Art of Education: Reclaiming Your Family, Community and Self, by Linda Dobson, 1997.

The Beginner's Guide to Homeschooling, by Pat Farenga, 1995; 1997; 2000.

Child's Work: Taking Children's Choices Seriously, by Nancy Wallace, 1990.

Earning Our Own Money: Homeschoolers 13 and under tell their stories, 1991.

Escape from Childhood: The Needs and Rights of Children, by John Holt, 1995.

Everyone is Able: Exploding the Myth of Learning Disabilities, 1987.

Good Stuff: Learning Tools for All Ages, Rebecca Rupp, 1997.

Homeschooling in the News, 1985; 1991.

I Learn Better by Teaching Myself and Still Teaching Ourselves, by Agnes Lesitico, 1997.

Instead of Education: Ways to Help People Do Things Better, by John Holt, 1988.

Sharing Treasures: Book Reviews by John Holt, 1990